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About Us

For more than 60 years, Air Tickets® has been the travel industry’s market leading airfare distribution and ticketing services provider

Selling airfares, and issuing tickets, is a complex process, but with our award winning technology, and ticketing expertise, it is a lot easier. Our suite of Smart products are continually developing to provide fast and accurate services to agencies. We see automation as the key productivity driver for our customers. SmartTickets® and SmartFares® are the solutions.

Our purpose is simple – deliver air tickets quickly, correctly and at the right price.

Our Services

Air Tickets® products and services are designed to assist our customers with their fares and ticketing needs. Thousands of corporate and retail agencies, including Online Travel Agents, improve their daily productivity and efficiency by using our products and services.

Air Tickets works towards an error free business environment.


SmartFares® is our award winning, web based, fares database providing 24/7 accessibility from anywhere! The powerful SmartFares® search engine automatically locates ‘up-to-the-minute’ consolidator fares from virtually every airline in the world. Agents can source and compare the 'right' fares quickly and efficiently and can opt to view specific fare availability directly from within SmartFares®!


SmartTickets® is the industry leading online ticketing technology platform offering our customers guaranteed ‘no Agency Debit Memos (ADMs)* and 24/7 accessibility. It provides a user friendly ‘point and click’ process to complete ticketing, reissues, refunds and revalidations online. Intuitive, easy to use, and supported by a dedicated helpdesk, our customers can feel confident when issuing tickets with SmartTickets®


Would you like to name your own price?

Charge service fees with confidence via our exclusive NYOP® product. NYOP® gives you total control of your pricing, enabling you to generate e-ticket itineraries with YOUR final sell price on the client's customised e-ticket receipt.

Robotic Ticketing

As more of our customers grow their online presence and bring booking capability to their websites, we have developed Robotic Ticketing. This technology issues your clients’ tickets as they complete their online booking on your site within seconds; any time 24/7, 365 days a year.

Robotic Ticketing is ideal for medium to high volume agencies that are looking to increase efficiencies and reduce costs. If you can queue a PNR, you can use Smart Queue Ticketing – it’s that easy! Our Robot will take care of the rest, automatically issuing your ticket and emailing the itinerary/e-ticket back to you. Best of all it is GDS neutral, accurate with a no ADM guarantee* and it is fully integrated with SmartTickets® – allowing you to view your issued tickets and process reissues, revalidations, cancellations and refunds via SmartTickets® Online.

To enquire about your eligibility or suitability for Robotic ticketing please contact our sales team.

Acting as Merchant

New Payment Option

Air Tickets provides an optional credit card merchant facility for our customers’ ticketing convenience.

By choosing the Air Tickets merchant option, you may incorporate a NYOP fee/charge of up to 25% of the value of your ticket. Refunds also allow you to include your same fee/charge to be deducted from the card reimbursement, rather than paying for a commission recall.

Air Tickets Learning and Development Centre®

Air Tickets Training Centre® provides our customers with accredited airline fares workshops. Our team of Trainers cover various topics, including:

  • International Airfare training
  • Round the World Fares
  • Circle Fares
  • European Fares
  • How to use our Smart products

Workshops are held in all metropolitan areas, some regional centres and via WebEx. Training outside our office is arranged on application.

Our Story

Back in 1949, three entrepreneurial Melbourne men recognised a need in the market for a consolidator to distribute international airfares, and issue tickets, on behalf of the airlines. Together they launched and operated Concorde Travel and set the path for the growth of air consolidation in Australia.

38 years on in 1987, British Airways took a 50% share in the company and continued to work with our Melbourne Gents until 2002.

A number of acquisitions and mergers followed over the years with the Air Tickets® brand being introduced in 2009.

Today Air Tickets® is part of Helloworld Limited (ASX: HLO), an integrated travel business operating franchise based and affiliated retail agency networks, several wholesale outbound & inbound travel, air ticket consolidation, airline representation and travel management services.

Helloworld Limited has operations in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Greece.

Our Customers

Air Tickets® is proud to provide services to thousands of travel businesses globally. Our customers comprise corporate & leisure retailers both large and small, wholesale travel companies, travel management companies and online businesses. Our Smart solutions are tailored to all of their specific needs.

Our Team

Air Tickets® have highly trained and skilled teams in airfares and ticketing located in all major Australian capital cities, as well as Auckland, New Zealand.

For your convenience, our experienced sales teams work directly with our customers, identifying their needs, providing optimum solutions and supporting their businesses. We pride ourselves on the high calibre of our teams and the professional relationships we cultivate with all of our customers.

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