Air Tickets® has a 60 year track record as Australia’s market leading airfare distribution and ticketing services consolidator.

For over 60 years we have been making life easier for Travel Agents and airlines by providing a ‘one-stop shop’ for international fares distribution and ticketing services! Prior to using consolidators, Travel Agents used to ring around the different airlines in order to pick and sell tickets. Simpler days you may think but it was starting to drive the airlines and the Agents crazy! airport terminal

Three Melbourne men saw the need to start a consolidator to distribute international airfares, and issue tickets, on behalf of the airlines. The business was launched as Concorde Travel in 1949.

British Airways took a 50% stake in the company in 1987, and in 2002, a group of investment partners aquired the business. Transonic Travel was listed on the stock exchange in 2004. A few mergers later and the business was re-branded Air Tickets® in 2009. Air Tickets became a member of the Jetset Travelworld Group in the 2010 merger with Stella Travel Services.

On the 02 December 2013, Jetset Travelworld Limited (ASX: JET) was officially renamed Helloworld Limited (ASX: HLO).

OUR Story

We now sell airfares on behalf of over 100 international airlines to some 2,500 travel agencies nationally. Selling airfares, and issuing tickets, is a complex process, but with our technology, and ticketing expertise, it is a lot easier.

Our Smart products are continually developing to provide fast and accurate services to agencies. We see automation as the key. SmartTickets and SmartFares are the solutions.

SmartFares empowers retail agencies, providing in-depth knowledge of international airfare requirements to locate, book and ticket airfares. SmartTickets significantly increases agency efficiency by providing agents with 24/7 ticketing, airfare and ticketing rule validation.

Air Tickets® has highly skilled ticketing and airfares teams in all major capital cities, and an experienced sales team to service our clients.

Our goal is based on a simple service concept - delivering air tickets quickly, correctly and at the right price.

Air Tickets® is part of helloworld limited (ASX: HLO), an integrated travel business operating several wholesale travel businesses (holiday packaging), franchise based and affiliate retail agency networks, air ticket consolidation, airline representation and travel management services.

Helloworld limited has operations in Australia, New Zealand, the United States of America, Fiji, Asia, the United Kingdom and South Africa.

For information about helloworld limited please visit the group site at

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